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Street Fighter 6 stories

Street Fighter 6 server maintenance coming Tuesday night for M. Bison update

Although fans just received Akuma along with the Season 2 balance update just a month ago, there's quite a bit more that's about to drop for Street Fighter 6.

Capcom just revealed the server maintenance coming to SF6 in preparation for the new update bringing M. Bison and a bunch more changes to the game very shortly.

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Poll results: Most wanted Street Fighter 6 DLC characters after nearly 13,000 votes

Update: Voting has come to a close for our latest poll, so you can check out the final results of who the community wants as future DLC for Street Fighter 6 below.

The first year of content recently wrapped up in Street Fighter 6 with the launch of Akuma, but there's still plenty more planned on the horizon.

Capcom themselves may be currently gauging player interest on future DLC prospects as part of their 1st anniversary celebrations, but we'd also like to know who you all would most want to see added to SF6 in your own dream season.

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Update: More new quality of life features revealed for M. Bison update in Street Fighter 6

Update: Capcom has shared yet another quality of life addition coming to Street Fighter 6's next patch, which can now be found in the story below.

Although Street Fighter 6 received its largest update to date alongside Akuma just last month, another significant patch is about to drop in a few days for the game.

Capcom just revealed a few more new quality of life features coming to SF6 in the update accompanying M. Bison to kick off Season 2's content.

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One button specials are coming to the Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection but it's not quite Street Fighter 6's Modern Controls

The announcement that Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics is coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam sometime in 2024 completely took everybody by surprise. Notably, it's been nearly seven years since Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was released. This latest collaboration suggests that Disney and Capcom are on speaking terms, which has heavy implications for the future of the series.

As it turns out, this collection is implementing a number of modern features that come from today's fighting games. For example, the game will include rollback netcode for online play as well as a robust replay viewing mode that actually has a built-in hitbox viewer.

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5th Topanga Championship live stream ft. Kakeru, Tokido, Kawano, Gachikun, Moke, Itazan, Bonchan, Fuudo, Daigo, John Takeuchi, Higuchi and more

Update: This story has been updated with day 5 results.

The 5th Topanga Championship is about to take place in Japan, and it'll be the first one for Street Fighter 6 so the hype is big.

Participating players in this momentous event are IBSG|Kakeru, Rohto|Tokido, HB|Kawano, RB|Gachikun, VARREL|Moke, DFM|Itabashi Zangief, RB|Bonchan, BST|Fuudo, BST|Daigo, Liquid|John Takeuchi, Saishunkan|Higuchi, BC|Tachikawa, FAV|Ryukichi, SNB|Momochi, G8S|Pugera, SNB|Yamaguchi, Eva:e|Hikaru, SNB|Fujimura, CR|Kazunoko, Mizuha, VARREL|Mago, FAV|Sako, CR|Shuuto, SBI|Hibiki, CG|Torimeshi, AMB|Kobayan and IBSG|Cosa.

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SNK Producer very interested to work with Capcom more in the future after Terry and Mai join Street Fighter 6

The original fighting game rivalry between Capcom and SNK dates back over 30 years now though the companies are on much friendlier terms compared to those early arcade days.

With Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui joining Street Fighter 6 as the series' first guest characters, one of the SNK leaders voiced his hope to work with Capcom more in the future too.

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This simple advice will improve your reactions and win you more rounds in Street Fighter 6

Do you ever watch high level Street Fighter 6 matches and find yourself amid a slightly open-mouthed gawk as the players you're watching seem to just know how to do the right thing at the right time on repeat? You may at first figure it must just be they have a natural knack, or that they've played for so many hours that their brains are tuned in perfectly to pick up on every available cue, either way a talent that's likely forever out of your own reach.

Those two reasons probably do play something of a factor, but there's a really strong chance you're missing out simply because you're not putting your focus in the right places at the right times, and Mikey D has a quick lesson to remedy that and quickly level up your game.

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Momochi pulls off the corner-to-corner Ed dream sequence during Street Fighter 6 tournament match

Not too long ago, SNB|Momochi showcased a powerful combo for Ed that deals a ton of damage, builds a ton of meter back, and carries the opponent from one corner to the other. It's been proven to work in an actual match, but is it actually a viable sequence during a tournament setting?

Earlier today during the 5th Topanga Championship, Momochi was actually presented with an opportunity to pull off the combo during a match up against BC|Tachikawa, who also happened to be playing as Ed but with Modern Controls. By this point in the set, Momochi was already up 2-0, but found himself down the next round and in the corner against Tachikawa.

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Only The Best 2024 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Only The Best is back in action for 2024 and will be happening in Torino, Italy.

Notable players attending include TM|Arslan Ash, KDF|Ulsan, KDF|Mulgold, FATE|Jodd, BIG|Sephiblack, KDF|CBM, Dragons|Raef, Liquid|Shadows20z, RZ|Kaneandtrench, Zando, Fitizen, SYG|Garnet, GL|Tetsu, Liquid|Qudans, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, ONi|TigerPop, Oplon|Skyll, GG|Tibetano, PdM|Sonic-san, Socky, DEUS|Kalak, HG|Danielmado, Fergus, LOK|Sorani, PataChu, Arefu, Dudeakoff, XiT|Shirdel, RIZE|NeonKay64 and many more.

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Phenom releases his Street Fighter 6 Season 2 tier list featuring 3 DLC characters in the top 6

It's been over a month since Akuma and the Season 2 patch were released for Street Fighter 6. As such, top level players have had plenty of time to get a good feel for the new meta.

NIP|Phenom recently released a new tier list that ranks every character that's currently playable in Street Fighter 6 Season 2. In no particular order, six combatants are said to be above the rest.

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Snake Eyez' Zangief is looking terrifying in Street Fighter 6 Season 2

Darryl "Snake Eyez" Lewis and his Zangief already posed a massive threat back in the first season of Street Fighter 6, qualifying for Capcom Cup by powering through one of the game's absolute worst match ups, but now the Russian wrestler has been substantially buffed.

Snake is the kind of player who can get into opponents' heads quicker than almost anyone, a tool that pairs exceptionally well with a high reward character like Gief. Give a player like this a handful of shiny new tools and he's going to matter of fact reach all new levels of domination, which is what we see in our highlight reel from NoMiiAegis.

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Street Fighter 6 M. Bison update is adding a new quality of life change that lets you get to Training Mode more quickly

Street Fighter 6's first Season 2 DLC character, M. Bison, is set to be added to the game next week. Along with his release we will be seeing a handful of other changes made to further improve Capcom's hit fighting game.

The official Street Fighter Twitter account has announced a small quality of life change that will definitely be getting big use from players. Apparently, the Bison update will also include a brand new shortcut that allows players to get to Training Mode much more quickly.

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Visual timeline for when every Street Fighter 6 DLC character has released thus far

Street Fighter 6 has celebrated its first anniversary and we're anticipating the release of its fifth additional character as M. Bison is slated to drop on June 26, and that means we've got a handful of data points to chart out when it comes to DLC character releases.

Like was the case in Season 1, we already know that Capcom will be releasing the next three Season 2 DLC characters in various seasons of the year. That said, it looks like we may have a particularly long wait for the second half of this second DLC group.

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Japan features more players in the Legend rank for Street Fighter 6 than all other countries combined

To make Legend rank in Street Fighter 6, a player must reach the top 500 on the Master Rate leaderboard. Being that a player first needs to reach Master rank to do this, the players featured here might as well be considered the best in the world.

Cat Cammy recently decided to analyze which country produces the most Legend ranked players in Street Fighter 6. This was done by looking at each player's selected profile flag.

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Can you tell who has more health at the end of this down to the wire Street Fighter 6 Topanga match?

We've been covering and updating the ongoing 5th Topanga Championship with results as some of the absolute best competitors in Japan clash in Round Robin Street Fighter 6 action.

Sponsor teammates IBSG|Kakeru and IBSG|Cosa met during the initial portion of the competition and had about as close a match as possible as both contenders brought their foe down to just a sliver of health. We have footage of the climactic round and challenge you to see if you can tell who actually has more life in their bar before you see the final result.

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Street Fighter 6 developers asked if they plan to update game's aggressive microtransaction model

Especially with the recent unveiling of Season 2 and the exciting introduction of longtime fan favorite Akuma, there's plenty to love about the way Street Fighter 6 is growing these days.

That said, Street Fighter 6 is a fighting game in 2024, which means it has microtransactions practices that leave a good portion of its user base feeling more gouged than good. Head developers Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto were recently asked by Kotaku whether or not they and their team plan to change these practices at all.

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Capcom releases new hi-res screenshots of M. Bison's legendary classic costume in Street Fighter 6

It won't be long now before we see the official release of Street Fighter 6's next DLC character. The game's Season 2 of content is set to fully kick off with the release of classic Street Fighter boss character M. Bison, and we're only about a week away from that glorious day.

In anticipation and preparation of the upcoming DLC fighter, Capcom continues to release information and assets of the former dictator to tide fans over until his actual launch. Today, the company released some new screenshots showcasing his Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6, which returns the villain back to his legendary and iconic classic look.

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