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Every premium and free reward in the Monster Hunter Fighting Pass for Street Fighter 6 plus a bunch of cool new shop weapons

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 2, 2024 at 5:02 p.m. PDT • Comments: 7

With the start of a new month, Street Fighter 6 has some new content to acquire even if Akuma himself isn't quite here yet.

Capcom just released the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary collaboration as the latest Fighting Pass for SF6 plus new items in the Hub Goods Shop that players are probably going to be interested in.

The reward structure is looking very similar to the past few passes for the game with 20 levels to complete while the premium version has 30.

And again, there's only six actual rewards for the free pass though something different is they put one piece of the Rathalos armor for avatars in the free and the rest in the paid pass along with a Felyne head instead of having separate costume parts between them.

Players can also pick up Magic Sword as the premium arcade game, music from Street Fighter 3: Second Impact plus a bunch of stickers, device backgrounds, frames, titles, avatar actions and more themed around Monster Hunter.

Everyone can easily get the Wyvern Jawblade sword by simply watching a tutorial in Fighting Ground this month.

Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Fighting Pass Rewards

Pass level Free rewards Premium rewards Kudos required
1 NA Magic Sword arcade game 0
2 Hiya sticker Rathalos Mail 500
3 NA Well-done sticker 1000
4 NA Gimme it Well-Done! title 1500
5 Monsters! device background Bottoms Up music 2000
6 NA Rathalos Helm 2500
7 NA Happy Hunting frame 3000
8 King of the Skies frame I Main Fisticuffs title 3500
9 NA That's Great sticker 4000
10 NA Rathalos Coil 4500
11 NA Nile (Afro Edit) music 5000
12 Monstrous Hunter title Hunter's Dance action 5500
13 NA Fainted sticker 6000
14 NA Rathalos Greaves 6500
15 NA Now Loading device background 7000
16 Hunter's Wave action Hitting the Hot Spring sticker 7500
17 NA Nile (Drum & Bass Mix) music 8000
18 NA Meow sticker 8500
19 NA Felyne Head 9000
20 Rathalos Vambraces Rathalos in the Ring title 9500
21   Fighter Coin x10 10000
22   Fighter Coin x10 10500
23   Fighter Coin x10 11000
24   Fighter Coin x10 11500
25   Fighter Coin x10 12000
26   Fighter Coin x10 12500
27   Fighter Coin x20 13000
28   Fighter Coin x20 13500
29   Fighter Coin x50 14000
30   Fighter Coin x100 14500

The Hub Goods Shop has been updated with Monster Hunter weapons to wear on your back. There's currently 15 of them including the Royal Venus Blade, Red Wing, Supremacy Blade, Bone Horn and more until the start of May.

Although there's probably too many to collect them all, the weapons are pretty decently priced if you just want a few at 1,000 Drive Tickets or 50 Fighter Coins ($1) each.

Monster Hunter Street Fighter 6 shop image #1
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Per usual, the premium Fighting Pass is priced at 250 Fighter Coins ($5) though completing all 30 levels will earn your money back once a player reaches 14,500 Kudos for the month.

This pass is scheduled to be available until midnight PDT on April 23.

Considering he's getting an early access test in Japan next month, it's looking likely that an Akuma arrives Fighting Pass is likely next in the cards for SF6.

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