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Five characters in Street Fighter with ridiculous reasons for joining World Warrior tournaments

Jon & Kate +8 on Block episode 3

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • April 1, 2024 at 3:45 p.m. PDT • Comments: 19

There are some really solid plot lines in the Street Fighter franchise about various character's motivations for joining the World Warrior tournaments — these are NOT those characters.

From making new friends to trying to become much better at the culinary arts, these are the five Street Fighter characters with the most ridiculous reasons for joining the official in-game tournaments.



Elena made her debut in the 1997 release of Street Fighter 3: New Generation, and her main motivation for joining tournaments has been to make new friends.

This is pretty off-putting to some of the cast, as when Elena fights Makoto in that franchise, Makoto thinks her smile is creepy even though she's just being friendly.

Entering a tournament where you kick the crap out of the other person and then taunt them at the end with a win quote is not a great way to make friends, making Elena's primary reason for entering fairly ridiculous.

She was not well liked in Street Fighter 4 because of her gameplay, because she often ran away and healed up, leading to very long and repetitive matches. Not being well liked by many is generally the sentiment that has followed this character around.

However, Elena's friend making powers cannot be underestimated, as she somehow got a photo with Akuma. Akuma, who murder's people's souls with his Raging Demon, stops and pauses to take a photo with her. That is some impressive friend making ability.


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Dee Jay

Dee Jay

This guy is seeking inspiration to develop a new musical sound — at a fighting game tournament. Dee Jay made his debut in Super Street Fighter 2 back in 1993, and is famously based on Billy Blanks, the king of Tae Bo.

Imagine you enter an MMA competition and your main goal is to find a new rhythm and musical style by beating the crap out of the competition. That's exactly what Dee Jay is doing.

He is apparently successful in doing this however, because Kimberly is rocking out to one of his tunes when she does her level 3 in Street Fighter 6. So even though this is a crazy idea, it somehow works, because it's Street Fighter.

Also, in his ending in SF6, Kimberly and Dee Jay collaborate on a new song, so his music career is alive and well, somehow.



Dudley enters the SF3 tournament because his car was taken by Gill, the main boss.

Just to contrast this a bit, M. Bison, who's the main boss of many other Street Fighter games, has murdered family members and done all sorts of evil things, Gill… purchased Dudley's repossessed car…

While Dudley loves this car, which was his father's, it's not exactly in the best of condition as the steering wheel pops off while he's driving it.

He joins the SF4 tournament so he can travel and get new roses for his garden, which he fails to do in his ending. So Dudley's motivations are about as ridiculous as you can imagine for a fighting game character, adding roses to his garden and getting back a vehicle.

However, Dudley sips tea, uses pruning shears and apparently opens letters with his boxing gloves on, which makes him amazing, because these are basically impossible for normal humans to do. Dudley is THAT awesome. This man also has one of the greatest theme songs ever in the franchise, his Third Strike music.

Sunburned Sakura

Sunburned Sakura

Coming from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Sakura was out training with Ryu during a summer holiday and fell asleep on a beach.

When she awoke she had a nasty sunburn and picked up a bunch of Akuma-like powers. She got all of these powers, but none of the intent to murder and craziness that follows Akuma from embracing the Satsui No Hado.

However, as Sakura’s sunburn fades, so do her Akuma-like powers and she reverts to her standard self. The developers joked that maybe they should be spending more time in a tanning salon, considering what this did for Sakura.

The devs of Street Fighter mentioned that this isn't the Satsui No Hado, instead referring to it as the "Satsui no something." During the show Jon & Kate +8 on Block, Kate and I make reference to this joke multiple times in the video embedded above.

El Fuerte

El Fuerte

El Fuerte is a guy who looks at two people beating each other up and thinks they'd have good ideas for the culinary arts.

He aims to become the ultimate chef by collecting recipes from people in the World Warrior tournament. However, there isn't any fighter in the franchise who's known to be a strong cook, so he ends up getting advice from Zangief and E. Honda, which doesn't go well

This concept is ridiculous to begin with, and it's not helped by the fact that El Fuerte can't cook and has no idea how to prepare food.

He offers to cook meals for all of his adversaries, which is actually not a bad strategy to win the tournament, considering how awful at cooking he is, because if you eat his food, you're likely going to get sick and can't fight as well.

El Fuerte thinks he can make great meals by throwing random ingredients into a pot, which disgusts and astounds the people who see him preparing food.

You can find a video version of this story with all sorts of visual examples of these characters acting ridiculous. You can find this video, along with many others on the EventHubs YouTube page.

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